Monday, May 13, 2013

a lovely day of freezing cold.

My family must really love me, letting me drag them 1.5 hours from home to freeze our buns off walking through the little antique town of Volant, PA. and then onto New Wilmington for dinner at the quaintest, cutest, historical restaurant The Tavern on the Square.  The temperature took a nose dive for Mother's Day and Elyssa was the only one smart enough to dress for it.  Unfortunately though, while the rest of us froze, she had miserable allergies to contend with.  It was snowing cotton everywhere.

But those nice family members let me get my fix of Amish-made goods, country collectibles, and antiques.  I'm just such a fan of old rickety houses-turned-shops.  You know the kind; with the large swings on the front porch and a cat lazing somewhere inside on the furniture, and good old creaking floors.  That is Volant and your grandmother would love it!

That pretty much wraps up my Mother's Day.  It was swell!  It sure made for a sleepy Monday, but it was worth it!  It's so nice to have one day just for me, but I do like to put the focus back into my kids and husband when it's over.  We have so many things to celebrate coming up so quickly.  For one - Elyssa's graduation ceremony is tomorrow!  It's time to celebrate her huge accomplishment!!!

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