Thursday, May 2, 2013

all these pictures for one tree. you should know me by now.

Somewhere in a super-secret neighborhood agreement, it must be written that each home is required to have in its possession one awesomely amazing tree.  In the warm evenings, a kid or two will join me on a neighborhood walk and we can't help but notice and verbally express our awe of blossoming trees.  In our observations, we have noted that there is one unique tree per house and walking along the road is rather like watching a firework display; walk 50 feet and BOOM! a beautiful pink tree, walk another 50 feet and POW! a gorgeous white tree!  And the smell!  Sweet, delectable.

Alas, we had no special tree.  I mean, we have lots of trees and I enjoy them all, but there were no blooms.  No fragrance.  No fireworks.

Well, you can see from the photos that I was wrong.  We do have a spectacular, little blossoming tree.  Of course we do.  The previous owners thought of everything, I tell you.  I just love Spring and all of its little surprises.

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