Wednesday, May 29, 2013

and the candles are out on that birthday. what a fun day!

Birthday kids get the premier treatment in this family.  I didn't know just how sweet these guys have it until I looked through the pictures.  Man, am I nice.  :)

Jackson requested the following dinner menu and his loving mother did not disappoint:

grilled teriyaki steak {marinated for 5.5 hours!!!}
apple slices {with caramel for dipping}
rolls with cinnamon butter
and really good iced tea

Plus we had a super gigantic cake to split between the four of us {Husband is out of town for the night}.  Plus whenever I build a fire outside it automatically means s'mores are gettin' made.

We pigged.  We sugar-rushed.  We took silly pictures.  And we sang a certain birthday tune so that a certain birthday boy could make a wish and blow out some candles.

He said it was an awesome birthday; a first birthday in Pittsburgh.  And many of his Spokane friends wished him a happy birthday via Facebook and I know he really liked that.

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  1. You are such a great mom, Misty! No better way to spend a birthday than to eat tons of food and get sugar rushes!! I'm glad that birthdays are so important at your house...your kids will never forget that! Happy (belated) birthday to Jackson!


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