Monday, May 13, 2013

early morning gardening after breakfast in bed.

Look!  Jackson made me my blog!  Isn't that terrifically thoughtful?  What a guy!

After a wonderful breakfast in bed, the kids led me downstairs to open my Mother's Day gifts; a lovely bird bath for the backyard, 3 gorgeous rose bushes, gardening tools and gloves, and homemade items that went straight to my heart.  Fresh out of bed, we decided it was the perfect time to get those roses planted and each kid planted the rose bush he/she picked out for me {because we must be fair about things, especially on Mothers' Day}.  I think yard work is just one of those things that brings this family together in the best way possible.  It might be tedious, back-breaking work, but it gets us working closely and those are the moments I treasure most.  And now I have a Mother's Day garden!  Even better, I have a funny, little song about my Mother's Day garden, thanks to Jackson!

My kids sure know how to make me feel loved.  


  1. I love what they wrote at the end..."she is the best Mom, period" That is great!

  2. I am visiting you from Rolled Up Pretty. I can tell that you are truly loved!!! This is a product of you being a great mom.


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