Sunday, May 26, 2013

it's pool season!

It's opening day at the neighborhood pool and McKenna and her friend are off on their own like they're old pros.

Me: Do you want me to walk down there with you?

McKenna:  Um, no-o!  One of us is 12 and one of us is 11.  I think we're old enough to go by ourselves.  I've done this before, Mom.

And so off they went.

In other news, Husband sealed the deck and I trimmed back an out of control tree this morning.  I've since found a nice, sunny spot in our side-yard of which to blog and study the Earth's matter {in my Science class}.  For those of you who commented/asked about my WGU studies, it's nice to know others of you have had a good experience.  I was really hesitant to enroll at first, to tell you the truth.  I just wanted to make sure WGU would be the right fit and that it was a legit university.  It is both of those things, I am happy to report.  I have attended four different colleges throughout my life and WGU has got it's business together like no other.  I am impressed daily with the online program and the people I interact with.  Plus I am actually learning, which is what I'm paying for, right?  It's all on my own time, which is such a blessing.  I have managed to burn right through my classes because I am allowed {even encouraged} to move at my own pace, which tends to be light-speed {blame the OCD}.    Anyway, this is not meant to sound like a sponsored post about a certain online school, I am just happy to know that others have had a swell experience just like me.  :)

If you'd like to know more about it, you can always ask me!

Happy weekend to you!

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