Tuesday, May 28, 2013

jackson turns a whopping fourteen years old.

Fourteen.  One more year until I need to be worrying about sitting in the passenger seat of a car with this kid.

Let's talk about Jackson's accomplishments as a 13 year-old:

Grew taller than his mother by 2 inches.
Completed one year in a new school.
Moved across the freaking country, lest we forget.
Made a handful of new friends.  Good friends.
Became obsessed with Star Wars and Star Trek.
Cared for a carnival goldfish for two entire weeks.
Got awesome grades.
Played 1.7 million hours of xbox 360.
Played 7.2 million hours on his computer.
Spent .5 hours on homework each night.
Started growing a faint mustache.  In just the right light.
Endured a painfully long basketball season.
Mowed the entire lawn every weekend.
Made his mom and dad laugh with his wit.
Drove his little sister crazy.
Listened to his older sister's unsolicited advice.
Became a Steeler's fan.  Oh wait, not yet.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!
I love you!!!
Holy cow.

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