Wednesday, May 15, 2013

let the commencing begin.

Over the river.
 Beyond the Pirates baseball field.
And to the convention center.
To find a girl, sitting alone, for hours and hours, waiting to graduate.
 A smart girl.  The high honors type.

Who enjoys giving stare-of-death-teenager-face for fun.
Let's get this party started.  Commence, shall we.
Second to the last row, it's finally Elyssa's turn to take the stage!
McKenna performs a whirling dervish.
Let's do this thing.
I'll take that, please.  Thank you very much.

When is this thing over???
Do we have any snacks?
Listening intently with "her look."
Even proud mom and dad are getting a little antsy.
And it's a job well done!  Let's take more photos!

Then it's off to a late night dinner celebration!
And then it's goodnight, Pittsburgh, up way later than our bedtimes, let's go home and fall into bed.

It was a gosh darn good night.  It was trying to dress nicely, but not too nicely.  It was discovering McKenna has no nice shoes that fit anymore.  It was a drive through rush hour that actually went fast and it was Husband lucking out with the best free parking spot ever.  It was a stop at the local florist for a graduation bouquet.  It was a stop for Dairy Queen ice cream cake that never got eaten because we were all too tired.  It was the graduation girl leaving for commencement with wet hair {because college graduates are way less particular than high school graduates}.  It was no dinner until 10pm, but it was darn good dinner at 10pm.  It was a proud mom and dad, laughing at a singer's emotional botching of the National Anthem and suffering through an awful commencement speech about famous people in history {come on!  what about the future!}. It was watching the couple in front of us make out a bazillion times.  It was a lesson in diversity and multi-culture, as only a community college graduation ceremony could provide.  It was two kids doing their best to support their sister, even when their butts hurt from sitting for so long.  It was Elyssa rocking her Honor's medal and cords with pride.  It was a gosh darn good night full of good kinds of stuff.

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  1. I know you are so proud! High honors...nice!! And I remember that teenage look while taking pictures all too well...haha. I hope you were able to eat that ice cream cake later :-)


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