Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my college graduate, part one.

Part One, because this girl is not finished yet!  Elyssa has earned her Associate's degree, but she is off to the university next Fall to earn her Bachelor's degree and she's also spreading rumors about such & such medical school.  Awesome!!!

For now though, I'd like to focus on this moment; this glorious, awesome, HUGE moment in which she has earned a college degree at the ripe old age of seventeen.  This is a HUGE DEAL, a GIANT accomplishment and I am so proud of her.  For me, this is like an absolute dream come true and really makes my heart happy.  As her mother, and someone who waited until I was 36 to earn my Associate's degree, I am so relieved that opportunities will continue to open for her as she perseveres toward her next degree.  Although I feel completely blessed that I was able to stay at home and raise my children, I have always felt strongly that I needed to finish my own education.  For me, a degree is not only about the educating of one's mind, but is also about opening doorways to more opportunities and the freedom to make choices, which is quite liberating I imagine.  Elyssa will have so many more options available to her and I am excited to see where she goes in this life.  Wherever that may be, we will be her loudest cheering fans!

Tonight we are off to her commencement ceremony!  Stuffing my purse with tissues now.  


  1. An associates at 17? What great accomplishment!

  2. That is so awesome Congrats Elyssa!!!


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