Thursday, May 16, 2013

soccer + humidity = all kinds of fun.

My kids have been asking me to kick a soccer ball with them for about a week now and until last night, I kept giving a 'no' answer.  Lame.  Then last night I spontaneously called out, "Who wants to go to the park and kick a soccer ball with me???"  Not lame.  I became a very cool mom all of the sudden.

Wow!  Soccer sure is fun.  I was actually raised on soccer, so I've always known this to be true, but I must have forgotten as I've grown older.  I played soccer every year of my life until my sophomore year in high school {when I discovered dance} and I have that fine sport to thank for my toned calf muscles.  Thank you, soccer!  Last night, kicking the ball around with my kids, it was AWESOME!  And in that humidity, it was WORK!  I think I've found another way to burn calories and bond with my kids at the same time, which is what the life of a multi-tasker is all about.

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