Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the time we made our poor cat wear a harness and leash to school.

McKenna's teacher is a brave, brave soul.  Every year she sets aside two days in which the students choose 15 minute time slots to share a pet from home.  McKenna has been looking forward to bringing Colt ever since she first found out about this magical day.  I aim to please and so I purchased a cat harness and leash for the occasion, stuffed the cat gently into the carrier, placed it in the car, and listened to the meowing all the way to her school.  When I arrived, all of the students were seated in a circle, anticipating Colt's arrival.  McKenna had no problem what-so-ever, speaking in front of her peers and passing around her cat.  She told them all about when we got him, how she cares for him, and how he flew to Pittsburgh in an airplane.  It was a quick experience, but just long enough to traumatize a cat, especially if you count the car ride back home in which I thought it would be less intense to allow Colt to freely roam the minivan rather than be locked in the little cage.  I was probably mistaken, but it only works if I learn things the hard way.  Colt finally did decide to leave the underneath of the backseat when we returned back home.  It only took about 10 minutes of talking to it like it was my most precious baby in the world.  It walked right into the house, sauntered through the kitchen, and dramatically splayed itself on the dining room floor.

I've been known to do the same exact thing, so I can understand.

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