Wednesday, May 1, 2013

trading math for flowers.

"Mom, can you get me the tool that looks like it has fangs?"

Bokeh!  It's my favorite thing about twinkly lights!  You know, besides the twinkles.  :)

My friends, I finally am starting to see the light again, after this very dark, lonely, frustrating, boring journey through Mathematics-Land.  I am 80% done with the class.  It's a good feeling.  And it will be even better once I ace {I'll settle for pass} the final exam. This morning I was able to push forward more than I had planned, so I allowed myself to stop and play outside.  I visited a little farmers market I had never been to before and purchased a couple perennials to plant in the vacant areas of our landscaping.  I wrapped the giant tree in our backyard with sparkly lights.  And then I let the kids help me do the planting and watched as they got into an impromptu game of tag.  Do you see how green our yard is getting?  I am in absolute heaven, I tell you.

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  1. Your yard looks beautiful...we really need to work on ours. You look adorable planting outside...but then again, you always look adorable!


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