Sunday, June 9, 2013

a birthday at the pittsburgh zoo & ppg aquarium.

This last photo pretty much says it all about our feelings toward the Pittsburgh Zoo {even though a bouncy rope bridge is the real cause for McKenna's big smile}.  We loved this place and it was a birthday well spent!

It began with a long, tunneled escalator ride up the hill into the park, which is kind of a terrific way to start anything fun {I'm thinking roller coasters, of course}.  The zoo, itself, is like the perfect size.  A family could potentially stretch it out all day, with snack breaks and lunches, and the playground area, but we were able to see it all in in about 4 hours.  We don't have strollers anymore to contend with or tired feet to worry about, since my kids are older, so we were constantly on the move.  I think a highlight from the park would have to be the slide area; children and parents can climb netting to the top of the hill and slide down slides to the bottom.  I didn't do it, but Husband and the kids did and they loved it.  Right after coming down, McKenna said, "That was fun, except for the big wedgie!"  She'll love that I've shared that, I'm sure.

Anyway, the aquarium is part of the zoo, so we visited the sea critters too and we're even photobombed by a shark, which always makes a great picture.  If you are ever in Pittsburgh, we recommend the zoo!  We left feeling like it had been the perfect day.

Other zoo highlights:
kangaroos reclining on the ground in super model poses.
a one-armed monkey climbing a tree like no biggie.
a baby rhino and a baby elephant.
ultra-cuddly lemurs.
sleeping bears because apparently hibernating all winter just doesn't do the trick.
tall husband being birthed out the bottom of a kid's tunnel slide.
a lady asking me where my awesome tank top was from {from my birfday!!!}.
the Penguins team flag hanging in the penguins exhibit {only in Pittsburgh}.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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