Tuesday, June 4, 2013

an easy dinner when husband goes out of town.

Let's start with dessert.  What's easier than strawberry shortcake?

1.  Buy strawberries, pound cake & whipped cream.
2.  Rinse & slice strawberries.  Add sugar and stir.  Let sit.
3.  Cut a slice of pound cake, sprinkle with strawberries, add HUGE dollop of whipped cream.
4.  Shove it in your face.
5.  Repeat.

Heavenly, right?

Now let's see about dinner...

This is a favorite for Jackson and me.  That boy loves anything slathered in barbecue sauce, so he gets super happy when I make BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and I get super happy that they are so easy to make and I look like a hero.

1.  Buy a roasted chicken from any grocery store deli.  I like Costco's the best.
2.  Shred the chicken from the bones and place into a saucepan over medium-low heat.
3.  Add BBQ sauce and stir.  We LOVE Sweet Baby Ray's.  Heat it through.

4.  Toast some buns.
5.  Build the sandwich.

6.  Serve with baked fries.
7.  Be a real hero and make fry sauce.  Mix mayo + ketchup until pretty pink.

8.  Eat it up!  You deserve an easy night.  :)

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