Saturday, June 22, 2013

black beard pays us a visit.

The grandparents have taken the kids for a week of the summer every year {except this year because we were mean and moved them away} and most often, they have very happily ended up at the beach.  Each beach trip with Grandma and Papa comes with a traditional visit from Captain Kidd, the very uncharacteristically giving pirate, who leaves poetic notes and small gifts for the kids.  Sure enough, this week Captain Kidd stopped by to hide gifts and arcade money $$$!!! at the beach house.  I'm pretty sure we even saw his pirate ship out in the ocean.  It's important to play along even if you don't see a pirate ship because we're talking arcade money.  

One evening, though, the kids orchestrated a treasure hunt for the grown ups, based on a map they "found on the beach" from Black Beard.  Those kids had us counting our steps from the house to the beach and finding an "x" in the sand.  It was really very clever and thoughtful, trying to initiate something to include the adults.  And anytime that Jack and McKenna work together as a team, it doth make my heart verily cheerful.

And if it looks like we were cold, it's because we were.  But my mom looks especially cold, does she not?  She's the cutest.

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