Thursday, June 13, 2013

downtown pittsburgh: a kid's backseat of the car perspective.

*Photos taken by the amazing McKenna.

The other day, Husband emailed me a link to a Pittsburgh photo contest, calling for amazing photos of downtown Pittsburgh.  He thinks I should enter.  And if Husband believes in me, then I ought to give it a shot right?  I decided that yesterday evening {before the storm rolled in} would be the perfect time to find a nice view of the city and snap some pictures.  I googled the best park views and found the very right one, plugged it into my gps, convinced the kids to get in the car {this was going to be awesome!!!}, stopped through Chick Fila's drive thru to get them some to-go dinner, and off we drove to Grandview Park!  Traffic was minimal, the directions were miraculously on course, and the sights were great...

...until they weren't.

In Jackson's 14 year-old terms, we had suddenly reached "the ghetto."  Also according to Jackson, Husband had once ensured him that Pittsburgh has no ghetto.

But that guy was mistaken.
We found it.
Right across from the park with the amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh, which we did not get to see because the kids could not be convinced of their safety and I didn't have the energy to be persuasive or try to find parking.

We left swiftly and headed back through the ghetto and toward the direction from which we came, which led us into downtown before popping us back over a bridge and on our way home.  So, McKenna happily took photos of our driving experience.  And I took a total of zero photos of Pittsburgh's cityscape.

We came home from "mom's crazy idea of fun" and found out about Pittsburgh being on tornado watch.  What the???  Although there wasn't a tornado, it was a crazy night of thunder and lightening and wind and rain.  All night long.  

We are all just a little bit tired today after all of that excitement.

Ghetto disclaimer:  The last thing I want to do is place judgement on people and where they live.  We all live in different situations and under unique circumstances.  But there are honestly some places that cause the little hairs to stand up on your arms and make you cross your fingers that your car doesn't break down right then and there.  Jackson said he almost peed 9 times while we were driving through the area,  so this probably counts as one of those iffy areas.  I like to think, however, that if my car had broken down, I would have found people to be helpful and would have learned my lesson as to why we don't judge.  Still, as a woman, I have learned to listen to my guts anywhere, anytime.


  1. I love your disclaimer I am the exact same way! Uncomfortable= ghetto at least that is how I use it in my vocab. I am terrible.....

  2. Yes, your husband was should definitely enter that contest (glad you are!) And ChickfilA is always a good way to make the kids happy :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing
    I lived in Philly for 3 years, but I have sadly never been to Pittsburg
    Have a great weekend


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