Saturday, June 29, 2013

easy-style fried tacos. because easy is awesome.

Mom, can this be the only way you make tacos from now on?

OMG, you guys.  These tacos, messy, but so good.  
This is my quick version of the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tacos.
Because I served these up for lunch and lunch is not supposed to be as extravagant as dinner, am I right?

I used:
corn tortillas
canola oil
ground beef
taco seasoning packet
shredded cheese & toppings

While frying the ground beef {according to the directions on the taco seasoning packet}, heat the canola oil in a separate skillet. Fill it up about an inch or so with the oil.  I keep my burner at 5 (medium) because once oil gets too hot, it takes on an evil force of its own and it scares me.  Once the meat is done and the oil is hot, place a scoop of cooked taco meat onto the middle of the corn tortilla, sprinkle on some cheese, and then fold gently {corn tortillas like to rip open}.  I used tongs to place them ever-so-gently into the oil and held the taco folded for a sec so that it didn't flop open.  After about 40 seconds, I flipped it over and let the other side have a turn to fry to a crisp {we must be fair about these things}.  Set the tacos onto a paper towel to absorb the oil, let them cool a minute, then dip them in fresh salsa and eat them to death.

Even Colt was licking his chops.

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