Tuesday, June 4, 2013

eleven photos of homework avoidance.

1.  Time for studying!  After a night of tossing and turning {because that's I how sleep when Husband's out of town}, homework in bed sounds like my best option.

2.  Hmmm.  I wonder how the painting is going across the street?

3.  There's Husband's shirts.  I wonder if he's in a meeting right now.  Or drinking coffee.  Or drinking coffee in a meeting. 

4.  Oh look, I left my closet open.  Geez, I have some cute stuff!  What should I wear today?

5.  Ooh, how about this skirt?  I think so.

6.  Ha!  There I am in my pajamas and robe!

7.  I should really hop back in bed and get to work.

8.  Or I could show you my new cute/ugly sandals.  Husband surprised me with them.  He's nice.

9.  That stack of Science notes is calling to me.  Ugh.  Fine.  I'm getting back in bed.

10.  Oh!  Look who came to keep me company!

11.  Thank you, my sweet cat.  I think I'm ready to get started on studying now.  Let's do it!

I think I need a Diet Coke.  Maybe I'll run downstairs and get one real quick.  And maybe some chips too!  Doesn't that sound good?  Can I bring you anything?


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