Friday, June 21, 2013

fascinated by fascination.

Husband and I watch TED videos for fun, if that doesn't just speak volumes about us.  And we were really awestruck by this particular video about the power of body poses.  After we shared with my family, the idea that by simply holding one's arms up high and wide for two minutes, one's brain can be tricked or convinced into feeling more confident, we {of course} had to test it out ourselves.  In the middle of the street.  In the rain.  

We were being silly, but I am seriously going to make a habit of this simple pose.  I am just so over being shy, you know?  

One of the highlights of our beach trip was this Fascination game at the arcade.  Why have I never heard of this dumb game?  I say dumb because I never won once and I'm still pretty sore about that.  I also say dumb because the game is so simple.  You sit down.  You roll two balls into 16 holes and try to make them all light up.  You try to be the first one to do this so you win.  So, you sit down and roll balls over and over and over and watch them go into the same freaking holes over and over and over and then you watch someone else win when you finally only had one light left.  But for some reason it's so fun and you keep putting your money down to play again.

We went once a day, sometimes twice.  It was like being in a casino, only not at all.
And you should see my mom play.

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  1. I love that picture of the family all standing in the street, looking extremely confident!


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