Friday, June 28, 2013

four for friday.

Good things:

My yard continues to bloom and bloom!  The previous owners of our house left us with some amazing landscaping and new flowers seem to pop up each week.  This week has been a little rainy & cloudy, but once the sun peeks out, you can find me out in the yard!  And in the evening... those fireflies?  I'm a kid again.

Mama's nest is full, once again!  Husband and all of the kids are back home from their cross country adventures and the laundry baskets are full, the beds are all unmade, and the snacks in the cupboard are disappearing fast!  This is the stuff that gets a mom stressed sometimes, but also makes a house a home. I love a full nest.

I filled three wall frames with downloadable printables I purchased from Printable Wisdom on Etsy and I love them!  I purchased each print for $5 bucks and printed them out on card stock paper.  They turned out so clear and crisp.  I don't think anyone would guess they were downloads.  I chose this one, this one, and this one.  I have a photo of my results on Instagram.  If you don't already, you should come follow me!  @acrossanddown

This Huffington blog post about mom-competition woke me up in a good way and I'm going to change my outlook starting now!  Honestly, I'm having the hardest time putting myself out there socially.  When we moved almost a year ago, I saw it as a chance to start anew and get involved and meet new people.  But I didn't really do that.  I stayed shy and worried way too much about what other women were thinking about me. These days, I find myself joking about the fact that I'm friendless and antisocial.  I have completely labeled myself to the point that I actually believe I can't make friends.  Do you know how much time I am wasting believing my stupid inner voice?  Too darn much!  I'm done.  The good news is that I don't have to buy into my own b.s.  I'm going to stop believing it's true. I mean, just look!  You're here reading this, right?  Because you like me.  And I like you too.  :)

Competition is just like shame.  It only exists for people who believe it does.

Have a glorious weekend, friends!
I'm being the good wife and allowing Husband to drag me to a Pirate's baseball game.



  1. Glennon's article was awesome. I so needed that today.

    1. Wasn't it awesome! It spoke right AT ME! :)


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