Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy fathers day to my dad!

Happy Father's Day to my dad!

Thank you for taking this little girl fishing and camping and for teaching her how to use a pocket knife and ride a motorcycle.
I can do boy things.

Thank you for saying your job was "the shits" and for making me and my friends laugh. Thank you for dancing around with a pair of tights on your head after I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.
I can do funny things.

Thank you for being the lap to curl up into and the shoulder to cry on, even at twenty.
I can be tender and forgiving.

Thank you for keeping some things just between us.
I can be trustworthy.

Thank you for the money, but not just the money.  Thank you for the clever ways you gift even a twenty dollar bill; concealed in a miniature Christmas tree, tucked into the glove compartment so that you're paying for lunch even after we've left for home.
I can be creative and giving.

Thank you not only for my own experiences, but for the amazing experiences you've shared with your grandchildren.  The time, the love, the patience.
I can't wait to be a grandparent.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I am so happy to be spending the day with you!
I love you.


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