Tuesday, June 18, 2013

heading to the oregon coast.

Oregon beaches are not famously warm.  In truth, Oregon natives are pretty much satisfied when the sun is out, shining over the ocean.  The wind is just part of the experience.  Children never seem to mind the cold water, as long as there are crashing waves to jump over.  Clothes are going to get wet, even if it's only 66 degrees out.  And adult naps are going to happen because beach sounds are nature's Lunesta.

Living in inland Spokane for 7 years and now residing in ocean-less Pittsburgh, I crave a good beach. I even crave a bad beach.  Actually there's probably no such thing as a bad beach.  If there's some saltwater and it's crashing against some sand or some rocks... count me in.  There's just something very non claustrophobic about standing on the very edge of a large country and looking out into the stretching sea.  It's peaceful.  It's perspective-changing.  It's relaxing.

*And don't Husband's new sunglasses look the bomb?  Can I nail a good Father's Day present or what?

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