Thursday, June 20, 2013

let's go attempt to fly a kite in the windiest of all winds.

Can you believe, out of the whole bunch of us, I was the only one who thought it would be awesome to walk along the beach trail and take pictures of cool homes?  Geez.  

Our kite flying experience was a little bit frustrating, but kind of hilarious.  Papa's kite handled the wind the best and I'm sure that had Jack and McKenna wondering what the heck was wrong with theirs and why they couldn't keep them from crashing to the ground.  I tried to be helpful, but seriously, what child enjoys receiving instructions from their parental unit?  So, there was Jackson, turning tail and running down the beach the second his kite lifted, not looking back even once to see that his kite had actually plummeted to Earth and he was dragging it along the sand and grass.  Our endeavors ended when McKenna's kite string wrapped around her kite like a ferocious ivy.  By that time though, we were all pretty windblown ourselves and more than happy to pat ourselves on the back for trying and head back to the house.

But first I had to snap a few quick pictures of some of the houses along the beach.  Looking at houses is one of my quirkier, or as the kids would say, 'boring' hobbies.  These were just too cool.


Today McKenna and I are flying back to Pittsburgh, while Husband and Jack drive the 7 hours to Spokane {our old stomping grounds} to see friends.  We thank Papa and Grandma for flying us out for a visit and hooking us all up with a fabulous beach house.  It was awesome and always great to be back with family!  We are going to miss you guys!
Come back to Pittsburgh soon!

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