Thursday, June 20, 2013

life is a beach - seaside, oregon.

Technically, our beach trip has come to a close.  We are now resting comfortably at my parents' house and have basically been lazing around since we drove the two-hour drive this afternoon.  Jackson asked if I had all of our photos posted on the blog yet, but I have way too many to get them all into one gigantic post, so I am going to leak them to the public slowly in the next few days.  It was such a fun, quick, relaxing trip but it has all kind of suddenly caught up with us - this 3 hour time difference which causes us to go to bed on Pacific time but wake up on Atlantic time.  My brain is running on a half-tank of gas right now, but I'm trying to eke it out just a bit more since we fly back to Pittsburgh tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure I crushed my brother's soul when I excused myself from partaking in our traditional family dance video, but I am windblown and dog tired and feeling too gross to be recorded dancing for the internet masses, so maybe next time.  So sorry, my funny brother.

Back to the beach subject, Seaside, Oregon is where it's at for good family beach time.  It's the end of the Oregon Trail, don'tcha know, so even though I couldn't have cared less about that historical factoid as a child, it seems pretty cool now.  Plus there's shopping, dining, biking, beaching and every other kind of activity you could think of available.  There's even miniature golf and tilt-a-whirl!  Pretty awesome, I know.  We were lucky enough to spy a beautiful sunset which was a real treat for this chick.  Plus we had Uncle Travis along for entertainment and that guy can turn even the mundane into a comedic event.


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