Wednesday, June 5, 2013

only 4 more pb+j sandwiches to go until summer break!

Peanut butter and jelly every. single. day.
Well, except for 'pizza friday' or an occasional turkey sandwich {or bagel if we're feeling super adventurous}.
But mostly we stick to our pb+j for the school year.
Once it's summer though, forget it!  We want chicken nuggets and corn dogs.

Oh boy, were we tired this morning.  And we didn't even go to bed late, I promise!  Our bodies must sense that a break is coming or something.  Even Jackson, who NEVER sleeps in and is ALWAYS the first one out of bed, slept in this morning.  He was LAST out of bed!  I had all of 15 minutes to get my kids some breakfast and make their lunches and I was on the verge of letting the mom-guilt sink in when suddenly I remembered that even though my parenting was lacking this morning, last night I was a wonderful parent and made banana bread.  Phew.  It was in the fridge, just waiting for us to eat it for breakfast {and all day long too}.

The lazy morning-me thanks the highly motivated night-time-me profusely.

Is it already summer break for you?
Or are you counting down many more days than us?
I thought the East Coast kids were all supposed to be released from school earlier than the West Coasters, but tis not the case for us. No complaints here though.  One more week of quiet is quite welcome here!

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