Saturday, June 1, 2013

the fun-fun friday that wouldn't stop.

Friday I played "yearbook photographer" for my first time ever at McKenna's school.  It was Civil War Day for the 5th graders and they spent the entire day in various activities, learning about all things Civil War; how to make the hardtack bread the soldiers ate, what they wore, the songs they sang, the weapons they used, etc.  I spent the day traveling from classroom to classroom, trying to capture it all in decent photos.  I'm not a professional photographer, but this has certainly become a much-loved hobby of mine and spending the day with school kids - and with my camera in tow - made me feel completely in my element.  I had the time of my life.  I'm just supposed to be in a classroom working with kids, I can feel it in my bones and guts.  Soon.

McKenna actually enjoyed having me at her school and gave me hugs when she saw me.  Her friends seemed to like me there too.  And the teachers were so friendly to me and welcoming.  Each thanked me for volunteering to take pictures and I kept thinking, wait... I'm in here ONE day taking photos and you are here EVERYDAY working with all of these children.  I thank YOU!!!  Teachers are just the best people.  There's really no disputing that.  Heroes.

By coincidence, Jackson's 8th grade class had been bussed to McKenna's school to use the football field for Field Day, so I had to sneak down there for a few photos of Jack.  This was like no Field Day I have ever seen before; each team had a colored shirt they designed themselves, music was blasting, and the games were awesome.  It was such a sight that the bus drivers had pulled out folding chairs and were seated above the field like they were watching a Steeler's game.  Jackson shoo'd me away as soon as he spotted me, of course!  Can't blame the guy, really.

Friday evening, Jackson had his birthday party and we took the 7 of them to play some Airsoft for three hours.  These guys were in manly-man heaven.  Husband and I were just happy that Jackson had good friends to party with, honestly.  He left behind a terrific group of friends in Spokane but seems to have found another awesome group of friends here in Pittsburgh too.  He attracts some good guys because he's such a good guy, I guess.  And other good news - by age 14, it seems these teens finally understand the importance of using deodorant!!!  They spent the entire day sweating their brains out, yet no stink!  I'm impressed by even the littlest of things.

And that last photo is Jackson's satisfied look after I gave hime permission to say bad-ass.

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