Thursday, June 6, 2013

three for thursday.

Just when I think our yard is done blooming, new flowers pop up out of nowhere.  It's a beautiful thing. Early evenings are probably my favorite time of the day right now.  The humidity is a little more bearable and I can make my way around the yard, pulling weeds, pruning wayward branches and watering flowers.  It's also the time when the neighbors are out and about walking dogs, coming back from the pool, and working in their own yards.  I've learned so much about gardening just through the conversations I have with neighbors who are passing by and stop to chat.  I learned about taming the Morning Glories from the neighbors across the street.  A preschool teacher who lives up the cul de sac warned me about the wild onions that seem to shoot up everywhere.  Pick those things before they develop a yellow flower.  And our next door neighbors get a good chuckle at watching me try to keep up with the crazy landscaping that came with this house.  They like to remind me that the previous owner {a retired 75 year-old man with nothing but time} was "out here everyday working on the yard."  The truth is though, even though it is hard work, it is good work.  Working in the fresh air, digging in the dirt, unwinding ivy from a rose bush, giving a shrub some much-needed shape; it is good, rewarding work.  And when the kids are out playing tag or climbing trees with their friends, whizzing by in laughter, those are the sounds that make an outdoor evening absolutely perfect.


  1. I love all of your pictures they are amazing!

    What camera do you use?

  2. Thanks, Hallie! It's a Canon EOS 60D. I bought it at Costco. I think the lens is what really takes the pictures to another level and I love my 50mm. It lets in a ton of light, which allows for that blurred background.
    {I'm new at this photography thing, but slowly I'm figuring things out}


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