Monday, June 3, 2013

what's happening these days.

Here I am, amidst my typical evening routine, doing my homework on the back deck...yet again {or as Jackson and I have been pronouncing it all day, agane}.  Science.  That's the latest and greatest subject of learning in my quest for an Education degree.  Atoms, platonic plates, and genetics, oh my!  After those weeks and weeks of Algebra and Geometry, Science feels a little bit like getting kicked while I'm down.  Do I enjoy Science?  Of course!  It's just a dooooooooozy of a class and I'm finding it harder and harder to stay awake during instructional videos.  I'm also getting to know the science instructors a little bit through their videos and some of their overly-nasally voices drive me batty.  And when these scientists try to be funny and laugh at their own jokes... I die.  Husband reminds me to be nice when he hears me moaning my way through a video, but secretly he understands my grief.  I just know it.

If I don't die of bad Science jokes, these Morning Glory plants from my worst nightmare will do the trick!  Have you battled these ivy-like plant-stranglers before?  Their root systems are insane.  If you cut a root, it will sprout two more.  And if you let them grow, they will creep along the ground, find an innocent plant, wrap itself around each stem of that poor plant, and drink all of its water until it dies.  Mean, right?  Absolutely mean.  Wish me luck with the weed killer!  I'm going to need it!

Tips welcome!!!

What's awesome, after all the not-awesome, is that our street has officially been paved!  It is finished!!!  No more noisy trucks at 7am!  No more parking down the street!!!  No more worrying about the kids waiting for the school bus while dump trucks, pavers, and rollers pass back and forth!  We are freeeeeee!!!!

What else is going on {in 60 seconds or less}???

Elyssa is across the country visiting friends.
Husband has flown south for the week.
McKenna swims at the pool everyday after school.
She will crawl into bed with me tonight.
Jackson plays video games everyday after school.
No more homework for the year!
The kids have 7 days left of school!
We let them stay up until 11pm last night to watch Karate Kid.
All of the flowers I planted in April are still alive.  Miracle.
My van is in the shop with a busted air conditioner. $$$

Fun, fun, fun.

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  1. so jealous that you have no more homework and only 7 more days of school...for my kids our last day of school is the 25...and i am so over homework!


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