Friday, July 12, 2013

four for friday + clickables.

Dinnertime has played a way more casual role this week.  One, Husband is out of town.  Two, the electricity has been finicky.  Three, I'm on a role in my Humanities/Arts class and I cannot be downtempo'd.  I have an ambitious plot to finish this class before our very-soon vacation.  Victory will be mine, all mine!  And so I have sort of-kind of allowed the kids to eat dinner with their computers, while I have done the same thing in another room.  It's not the norm at all and I might feel an eensy weensy bit guilty about it, but heck... it's just twice and at least I'm providing food.  And this will allow me to be completely free to have fun in Florida, no studies attached!

Can you tell I feel guilty?  I'm going to go ahead and give myself a break now.

Here are some cool things from around the web...

Convos with my two-year old Episode 6!  I love these little videos.

Allison made these amazing illuminated letters!  A creative DIY, for sure!

An interesting CNN article on Internet trollers.  I'm going to continue ignoring the trolls.

Genetics are Awesome!  Especially since I just finished my Science class.

And one more way cool thing; this video!  When Elyssa went back to Spokane to visit her bff, they had  professional photos taken, including this video which is AMAZING!  Can I have some of this talent please??? If you are around or near Spokane, Washington, make a photo shoot date with Brady Campbell Photography!

Have a great weekend!

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