Monday, July 15, 2013

making. scratch that. letting my kids do the work.

When I finally left home {and then came back for a while and then left again}, I really knew how to make zero things for dinner.  When I began cooking for Husband, I made crunchy Kraft macaroni and cheese {ew}.  I quickly learned about Hamburger Helper and microwaving hotdogs and somehow improved upon my cooking skills as the years have gone by.  I actually enjoy cooking and baking and I'm not horribly scared by it anymore.  I'd like for my kids to know how to make a few meals before they leave home {or even while they are here and so they can cook for me!} and so when I remember, or am reminded, I invite them to help me out in the kitchen.  Elyssa and McKenna helped make Steak Italian last night and it turned out delicious!  It was also an opportunity for little sister to do something bonding with big sister, which is always a win.

McKenna has no issues with handling raw chicken and is quite handy with a spatula.
Elyssa can trim the fat like nobody's business and prefers that McKenna doesn't pretend to use the spatula as a back scratcher.

Elyssa is also currently looking for part-time employment, so I imagine her time will be more limited very soon. Preparing meals is just one more way I can spend time with her.  :)

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