Thursday, July 4, 2013

part one of the time this family went to pittsburgh's three rivers regatta.

This last photo is of me in conversation, so now you know what I look like when I'm typing to you.

We got off our butts and ventured downtown tonight! It's kind of a miracle since we are finding it hard to motivate ourselves out of suburbia lately. It's just easier to stay home where there's food and a pool and no people with their traffic and cigarette smoke and their long lines they make for funnel cake.   But this evening we set aside our comforts and joined the masses for hot, humid music, food and fireworks. It was actually awesome. And downtown Pittsburgh, with all of its yellow bridges and rivers and greenery, creates complete and utter happiness for a girl with a camera. So much happiness that I have to share the rest of my pictures in a separate post.

Well, nighty-night.  I'm off to sleep.  Husband just finished crunching on cashews in bed, so now I can fall asleep peacefully.  :)

Happy Fourth!

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