Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer living is pretty darn nice.

Things in constant rotation at home:
unmade beds until noon,
sleeping bags & pillows,
bag o' swim gear.

Since we returned home from our west coast trip, we have been having a hard time slipping back into Pittsburgh time. Plus it's just hard anyway, going to bed at a decent hour on hot, summer nights.  I sleep in until 9:30am and my kids have been guilty of sleeping in until 1pm {yes, I guess I let them}.  That's not the way we'd like it though, so we're working on going to bed earlier.  Except we keep having friends stay the night and who wants to go to bed early on a sleep-over night? 

Once we do get up {finally} we head to the pool.  It's wonderful.  It's cheap.  It's around the corner from home.  The kids swim and I study my flashcards while I tan.  I feel spoiled, but I figure it's my time.  All of this studying is so that I can work one day very soon and begin another chapter in my life; one that will leave less time for sitting poolside.  For now though, I enjoy watching the kids play with their friends while I relax and absorb science factoids like a nerd.

Summer nights are all about the grilling, aren't they?  Dinners here lately involve barbecue sauce and grill marks.

Pittsburgh continues to be rainy at night {for the most part} while hot and humid during the day.  It never really cools down at night, which we are finally getting used to.  Oh but how wonderful it would be to open a window to some fresh, cool air!  I'm not complaining though.  If I have to wait until October to open a window, that is just fine.  Summer can stay for as long as it likes.

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