Tuesday, July 9, 2013

There once was a time when I thought I would never sleep again.

These days, Husband and I can be heard spontaneously saying aloud, "life is really, really good right now."  Words like these are fantastic to hear, not only after moving one's family across the country, or after almost 15 years of marriage, but also because it's just nice to simply be happy and content in this particular moment in life.  It's good to express those thoughts and emotions.  Sure, it's not always perfect or easy, but hard work has its rewards and it's nice to be focused on those.  These days, we are feeling so much appreciation for what we have worked hard for and we make sure to pause throughout the day and really take notice and breathe it all in.  Last night as I was out for my evening stroll, I passed by three neighborhood moms walking with what had to be 15 young children. These moms were pushing strollers up hill, carrying smaller kids, and keeping an eye out on the older stragglers.  They had their hands full, to say the least.  And did I mention the heat and humidity? They looked like they were having fun, but it also looked like work. Great big sweaty work. Half of me looked at them with envy, remembering the work it took to raise my own three, young children.  It was hard, but it was so rewarding.  And my kids were so cute and tiny and...they needed me.  That being said, there once was a time when I thought I would never sleep again.  It lasted about 16 years.  The other half of me looked at these mothers like, "i sure have enjoyed watching my children grow up."  I continued forward {very much alone} with my walk, slightly smiling, realizing that I am content.  Sometimes I'll get a little emotional, when I think too much about how Jackson is going into high school or how someday McKenna won't be trying to play quietly with her stuffed animals or how Elyssa is an ADULT {!}, but mostly I am just happy and blessed that I have been able to enjoy raising three children.  Being a mom is the greatest thing I'll ever do.  And I sleep now.  Did I mention that already?  I sleep all night long.  :)

*That being said about sleep, of course I know my children still need me.  And I'd lose sleep for any one of them.

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