Thursday, July 11, 2013

three for thursday.

Wow! Pittsburgh has been under the weather both yesterday and today and by that I mean under torrential rain and thunder and lightening.  We've had flooding in our township and a tornado even touched down in a neighboring county.  Eek!  More specifically to us, we've had some minor flooding in our basement. And a bolt of lightening removed a giant branch from one of the tall trees in our backyard.  Oh, and we had our power out for much of the day too.  No air conditioning! All of this excitement happened while Husband is out of town, of course.  That's how it works, I swear.  He leaves for the week and suddenly I find myself bombarding him with text messages and photos of soaked carpet and fallen trees.  I had no idea storms could be so severe, but Pittsburgh delivers in the thunder and lightening department.  But once the clouds are gone, they're gone.  And before you know it, the neighbor kids are dinging on your doorbell to tell you excitedly that there is a rainbow right over your house {!!!}.  The humidity returns, the temperature rises, the sky turns orange and purple, and the fireflies are all aglow.  Even better; no rain in the forecast!  Hooray!

P.S. I try to share most everything here on the blog, but if you like a play-by-play {like I do}, I'm on Instagram.  @acrossanddown

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  1. Love the photos! The one with the rainbow in it is so beautiful :)


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