Thursday, July 18, 2013

three for thursday.

ONE.  A little girl with poison ivy all over her arms and legs and face.  
TWO.  How I feel about it.
THREE.  Saving my sanity.

My poor kid.  She's such a trooper.  Kids are just resilient, aren't they?  Much tougher than I.  First of all, she was weeding in our yard and being such a helper, so it stinks extra-big-time that she now must suffer the itchy-scratchy consequences of being a good helper.  Mom guilt much?  Yes!!!  

Kids with poison ivy rashes.  Geez.  They are a lot like kids with lice.  Have you ever had the pleasure of treating lice?  We have.  Lice are a nightmare; cleaning hair, cleaning sheets, cleaning toys, throwing out brushes, and suffering through that phantom-sympathy-itching.  Rinse and repeat for days.  Poison Ivy is basically the same because the oils from the plant get on your skin, which gets on whatever your skin touches.  I've washed sheets, towels, blankets, clothes and the entire sofa and ottoman.  And the poor girl has to shower with special oil-removing soap and then dowse herself continually with calamine lotion.  Yet, right this second, she's in the living room laughing with her brother and having fun.  

These kids are my heroes.

P.S. This afternoon I had my first random experience of running into one of my readers.  She spotted me in Target and I'm so happy she said something!  It just goes to show how small this world really is.  I move all the way to Pittsburgh and someone recognizes me out in public.  So, hello Kristin {spelling?}!  It was so nice to meet you!

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