Monday, August 19, 2013

ego alley, maryland and where not to eat.

Historic Downtown Annapolis is like a magical dream come true for this girl.  We were in just the right mood, the weather was just the right kind of warm, and the shops and restaurants were just the right kind of quaint and trendy.  There's just something about sitting on a pier, feet thrown over the edge, and watching the sail boats and fancy yachts go by.  It's so absolutely serene and calming.  This area is most famously known as Ego Alley for a reason... do people really need boats this big???  It also happens to be the "sailing capital of the world."  It's absolutely fascinating to watch these giants make there way in and out of the harbor.  Maybe one day we'll go back and take a harbor cruise, but we were content to sit on the sidelines and people-watch this time around.
Although we googled best places to dine in this historic area, we ended up eating at a real dud {even though it was highly rated}.  I took photos of the food because the lighting was fantastic in the restaurant, but it really wasn't all that great. I'm hesitant to bash a restaurant by name on my blog, because maybe it was just a bad night, but fish n' chips on the Chesapeake Bay should be the bomb, right?  Well, no. And Husband couldn't even cut through his pot roast.  The lesson we walked away with... if the place is busy, it must be good.  We were specifically drawn to the less crowded restaurants because we were starving.  But there is probably a very good reason these places aren't crowded.  There really are so many places to choose from, so just look for the restaurants with the most people.  Or order a burger.  Who can screw up a burger?  
Also, save room for ice cream!  Or donuts.

Ice cream photos following in the next post.  Boy, did I take a lot of pictures!!!

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