Friday, August 9, 2013

four for friday.

I may give this cat a hard time {let's face it, I have a very small, picky heart}, but there are moments when I can't get over how absolutely cute it is.  That pink nose is adorbs.  This morning was one of those rare moments, I was coming inside after watering the flowers and there was that cat, propped on the ledge of the kitchen window, head directed toward the beaming sun, and blinking slowly and happily.  Life is good for a cat.  The cat sits up there on the daily and I have always been stubbornly sure it was there to taunt me, just staring in at me making dinner or cleaning, not minding his own business.  But now I know better.  It's just the perfectly lazy spot to get some warm sunlight, doze for a few, and still keep an eye out on this family.  It's kind of smart, really.  And maybe even sweet.

Well darn.  I think maybe just enough space opened up in my heart to squeeze this cat in.

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