Monday, August 19, 2013

sandy point state park, maryland

School starts next week and I wanted one last, little, spontaneous adventure before summer vacation comes to an end.  I had my sights set on an Atlantic Ocean beach, but the closest from Pittsburgh is Ocean City, MD and I just didn't know about driving 6.5 hours to fight for space on a crowded beach {even though I hear nothing but great things about that beach}.  So, we will save that for another time.  Instead we settled for a Chesapeake Bay beach at Sandy Point State Park in MD.  And Wow!  What a perfect day for getting some sunshine!  It really is a nice park.  My only negative remark would be in regards to the women's restrooms {husband said the men's restrooms were very clean}.  I'm not sure I have ever expressed such disgust for a bathroom, but this was just too much.  Ick, ick and ICK.  Perhaps I just expect more from a state park, especially when there is an entrance fee of $7.00 per person, but this was just plain gross.
Other than that though, the beach was great and we had a marvelous time.  The park is huge with a sandy beach, grassy picnic areas, a snack shop, and boat ramps.  One could really make a day of it.  It took us a little while to get in the water, but after Jack and McKenna realized that sharks weren't out there gobbling people up, they finally got in and had some fun.
It was also kind of funny, because having just been to Disney World, where there is an overabundance of things to do, the kids were a little bit confused with what they were supposed to do at this beach.
You mean we're just going to sit here?
What is this place?  I thought we were going to an ocean.
How long are we going to be here? 
Did you know there are three types of sharks in the Chesapeake Bay? I just googled it. 

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