Tuesday, August 6, 2013

that time your mom made fun of that old guy's hawaiian shorts.

Summer is in its final chapter, which is kind of good and kind of not-so-good.

Things that are kind of good about summer ending:
1.  We're starting to get bored.  If we were the dramatic types, we might say we feel purposeless {oh wait, we are the dramatic types}.
2.  We are ready for some structure and organization that the school year brings naturally.

Things that are kind of bad about summer ending:
1.  We have enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in.
2.  Lounging at the pool has made studying a little more interesting.
3.  Fresh fruits and vegetables!!!

Today I took a break from essay writing to drag the kids out to Trax Farms for some fresh produce.  The truth is, I really didn't have to drag them at all.  They were happy to go.  Like I mentioned, we are getting bored.  A farmers market sounds like Disney World right now.

The market highlights:
1.  I told the kids they could get peaches AND pears.  I don't know, but it seemed like a big deal at the time.
2.  McKenna's cupcake frosting toppled right to the ground with a splat.
3.  Jackson pointed out the mole on my leg as if he had discovered a gold mine.
4.  In regards to her baclava, Elyssa said "It tastes like..." and then she seemed to space out and so I made fun of her.  Then she told me she said "cinnamon" so it was really me who spaced out.
5.  Creepy dolls in the antique shop.

And the winner of the market highlights...
The older man who laughed when he tried to sneak in and photobomb my picture of the girls.  And then I laughed because it was awkward and then I said something about how funny that picture would have been with his awesome Hawaiian shorts.


  1. you guys always have SO much fun!
    who knew going to the market would be a blast?

  2. Great photos lol would have loved to see the dude in the shorts, bet he was stylin lol


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