Tuesday, August 13, 2013

these two.

Since our exhaustingly fun trip to Orlando a few weeks back, this family has sort of been in limbo mode, just kind of waiting for school to start back up again.  We are trying to get up a little bit earlier these days {which pathetically means 10am for Jack and McKenna}, but it is good progress considering McKenna would sleep in until noon if we let her.  I'm also trying my best not to waste our dwindling summer days of freedom and although it is nice sometimes to stick around home, I try to come up with ways to get us out of the house.  This morning I mentioned a nature walk on some nearby trails and I invited the kids to join me if they wanted.  Then I found out later in the day Mr. J. and Miss M. had been dreading the idea of walking through nature and had been participating in what they called "trash talking" my idea.  It really was a funny conversation and my feelings weren't hurt at all.  I had to admire their honesty and I had to laugh at Jackson because sometimes he just knows me and was like, "So, you want us to walk on a trail, down to a creek, just so you can take a picture and then walk back."

Um, yes.

*The eldest child {who is now an adult} said that she thought a walk would be nice, but she just went and got herself her first official part-time job {!!!!} so she's going to be a little bit busy making some $$$.

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  1. P always suggest nature walks, and by the stuff that has popped out at me in this glorious state of Florida I refuse to walk through trees and brush where snakes, bugs, and alligators await to attack...

    I like walking my dogs on the straight asphalt. That works for me;)


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