Monday, September 30, 2013

a morning date to see about a giant, yellow duck.

I never thought in my whole life that I'd be waking up early to head downtown with Husband to see a big, yellow rubber ducky.
Yet here I am.
It's just one of those fleeting opportunities you can't pass up, you know?  Years from now when we're talking about that Fall of 2013 when the Pirates made the playoffs and the Steelers were a big, fat zero and four, we'll remember about that duck floating about in the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers.
The Steelers just can't get it together this year.
We'll say.
But we still have our Pirates.
And at least we had that duck.

And now to take it even further into a football topic, how about those Seattle Seahawks!!!
4 and 0, baby!
I think we were the happiest family in Pittsburgh yesterday.
I was so happy I ordered myself a Seahawks jersey and I'm just going to let myself get all into this football business.
This is huge.
I love football.
Did I really just confess that in writing?


  1. That's awesome!! I would have woken up early to see that too haha ;-)

  2. that duck is SO awesome, I am so jealous!

  3. I would totally have made it a priority to go visit that duck!

  4. I love the duck! I love that the Pirates are in the playoffs! I love the Seahawks! Jury is still out on the Steelers! Ha!


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