Friday, September 20, 2013

a picture of friday.

While it's true that it's late mid-afternoon and my teeth still aren't brushed and I'm lounged in my sweats like a bridge out onto the ottoman, I promise you I have been in a constant state of heavy brain activity since 8:00 this morning.  I'm crushing this Statistics class like a bug and I can't seem to stop plowing ahead.  It makes me feel smart.  This is either the easiest class ever or I am a genius {I'm thinking the first option is more realistic}.  Either way, it excites my brain, to think I might be that smart and so here I am all. day. long. figuring out fake problems that might apply to everyday life if I ever need to know how many seats there are in an auditorium or how many rungs are on Marta's ladder because she doesn't feel like straight-up telling me.  Curse you, Marta.

Here's a problem for you...
What is the probability that Misty will brush her teeth today?

Answer:  100%, I promise.

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