Saturday, September 28, 2013

husband wins father of the year for taking his kids to pittsburgh's comic-con!

No children were harmed in the production of this photograph.
I believe we're looking at Stockbroker Spiderman, a cute Assassin, a Halo dude, and a young Dr. Who.
Jackson is truly in his element.
A random awesome guy in camo.
And the highlight, meeting the original Boba Fett from Start Wars.  

I'm sick and stuck at home, but that didn't stop Husband from taking Jack and McKenna to the Pittsburgh Comic-Con.  This was a first-time family experience.  Jackson really, really wanted to go.  In fact, he'd been planning his costume since the beginning of summer, so of course, he had to go.  He dressed as Dr. Who and helped his sister put together her Assassin's Creed costume and off they went.

The kids had fun.  Probably Jackson enjoyed it the most, while Husband was entertained by the phenomenal people-watching, and McKenna thought "the people were weird."

There's something out there for everyone, isn't there?

Next up on the blog...
A giant, yellow rubber ducky takes over Pittsburgh!
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

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