Thursday, September 12, 2013

lazy mckenna and her cat. oh and some clickables.

YES!!!  We have officially made it to Friday!  I am so ready for no alarm clocks!!!  I have been at McKenna's school every morning this week to snap photos at the Meet the Teachers Breakfast before school starts.  I know I don't have any right to complain about having to wake up early.  The kids have to wake up just as early and then go sit in school all day.  Other people go to work early in the a.m. every single day.  So I know I've got it pretty good right now.  It's just this adjustment period that bites; completely metamorphosing from a night person into an early riser, while still trying to kind of be a night person.  It's hard.  Feel sorry for me, why don't you.  Cry me a river.

Clicks from the web are always a hoot...

Husband surprised me with one of these yesterday!  It's on Instagram if you wanna see mine!

The correct way to moonwalk.  I am going to get this right!

Seeing her for the first time again.  Hilariously heart-warming.

I can see this Carpe Diem sweater being a blogger fave, can't you?

I need leather sleeves.  Ok, need is extreme.  Want is more like it.  Only dreaming is more realistic.

Who can blame this kid for taking advantage of the spotlight?

Frog photobombs NASA launch!  True Story.

10 cheaper solutions to expensive photography gear.  I'm taking notes.

Did you see these two perform last night on X Factor?  So refreshingly hip and cool.  

Have a happy Friday!!!

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