Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have zero white rooms in my house, but I think it would be lovely.
I don't know what I'm afraid of.  
I've just always loved color. 
But that can be achieved by adding bright, colorful decor.  
Maybe I'll start small.
Like in the laundry room.  



  1. when we moved in our homes only 2 years ago it was almost all painted white. I of course painted all the white rooms thinking they were too bland, now I see so much in white, I wish I could paint it all back! Oh Pinterest sometimes I loath you!!

    1. I know whatcha mean, Kate! I have been drooling over al of these white walls, but having just moved in and done so much painting, I haven't wanted to repaint. But tomorrow I'm off to the paint store for a bucket of country white because I just haven't been able to fall in love with my kitchen and now I think I have a plan!!!!


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