Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's still technically summer, I know.
And in Pittsburgh it's still hotter than heck and the only things turning color right now are that one, yellow leaf and that shrub that I'm pretty sure I killed with weed spray {the jury's still out on that one}.  But I've got to be on top of this Autumn business if I'm looking to outdo the neighbors this year, right?  Kidding, kidding.  It's just fun sometimes, to think anyone gives two cents about my decked-out front porch.  I just have a very active imagination. In fact, one day you should remind me tell you about how I used to clean the house sooooo good, just in case Oprah stopped by.  

Anyway, once it does cool off a bit, I'm looking forward to:
Hot cocoa and toast,
Pumpkin bread with FROSTING
Sweaters and boots
Pumpkins galore!!!
Twinkly lights
And a rip-roaring fire {or gas-induced faux fire is fine too}.


And just a real quick off-topic thing-a-ma-jig...
Some of you e-mail subscribers or reader getters might have seen a post earlier today
that you might have been like, "Really?  Did she just put this on the Internet?"  
And yes.  I did do that.  Sometimes the night before I post, Husband and I will be 
laughing in bed about some of the funny things that happen in our day and 
sometimes we'll think it's so hilarious that it's got to be blogged.  But then I'll blog it and
suddenly it's the most "what was I thinking" embarrassing thing.  So anyway, just go 
ahead and pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, even if you do.  :)
You're the BEST!

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