Thursday, September 19, 2013

scouting out the local community garden.

I drive by our township's community garden almost continually, now that I am volunteering at McKenna's school like a full time job.  Normally I drive by as quickly as I can so I can get home and do my own school work, but I'm kind of having an easier time of my Statistics class {this is such a major surprise!!!} and so this morning I pulled off into the gravel lot of the garden, got out with my camera in tow, and walked the loop around the community plots.  It was refreshing, to say the least.  And I learned some things about other people and myself along the way.  Like how each Spring, each garden is probably all abustle, with amateur gardeners going gangbusters - planting a little of this and a little of that.  Each row of plants and seeds is most likely separated by type, color, or size.  It probably looked a whole lotta sparse, but a whole lotta organized.  It had big plans and gardeners were probably visiting regularly to tend to their plants and pick their fresh, ripe tomatoes.  And then Summer got busy with two-week road trips and weekends away and Grandma's surprise visit and suddenly those organized rows of plants were overgrown and entangled and ugh! that darn morning glory was all over the place.  And now here we are at the end of Summer and the plants are starting to look a little tired and askew and vines are climbing recklessly from one plot to another.  Flowers are absolutely bursting through the meshed fence and weeds have settled in for the long haul.  But, isn't there beauty in even that?  Please tell me there is because every single plant I grow turns into a mess!

Our little community of gardeners is doing real good, in my book.  Real good, indeed.  Especially the garden plot dedicated to the memory of a beloved family pooch.  That garden had it going on!  And so I am certain that dog was very loved.

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  1. That community garden looks amazing! Beautiful shots!


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