Thursday, September 5, 2013

three for thursday.

Thursday, oh thursday.
Dear, sweet Thursday.
How did you get here so fast and now you're practically gone.
And I had hoped to be finished painting by now.
I had hoped to be further in my studies.
But life continues to happen and interrupt these things.
We're mending broken hearts here.
We're getting back into homework habits.
We're dashing off to basketball practice.
We're waking up too early and going to bed too late.
As I write this post, McKenna is rummaging through my nightstand
and showing me everything she finds.
I'm letting her keep any spare change she discovers.
In return she's running her fingers along my dresser,
collecting dust to show me how much I've been
lacking in the household chore department.
She leaves and Jackson comes in.
He just remembered he has a definition test tomorrow.
It's 10:00pm and I quiz him on the words.
He's going to do just fine.
The cat finds me next and settles into its cleaning routine
next to my feet.

The paint can wait.
So can the studying.

It's these mom moments I like the most.

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  1. Your stories and pictures you share of your kids is soo amazing, and fun to follow along with! You make me so excited to be a mom someday! :)


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