Thursday, October 31, 2013

a rainy pittsburgh halloween.

Well, that wraps up our 2nd Pittsburgh Halloween.  The rain rolled in just in time for trick-or-treating, but the kids were unstoppable.  With Jackson off with his friends and McKenna out with hers and Elyssa over at a friend's house, Husband and I were on our own - lazing around in a nice quiet house and taking turns getting up whenever the doorbell chimed.  When the kids returned, there was the traditional dumping of the candy onto the living room floor and some major negotiations and trades being made.  I made out with a mini box of Milk Duds, some Swedish Fish, and a big Hershey's with Almonds, just because they love me.  :)

We are sleepy.  The sugar rush has worn off and our eyelids are heavy.  We just have to make it through one more day of school and it's the weekend!!!  Teachers have got to be thrilled at the prospect of a classroom full of students on a Friday after Halloween.  Just thrilled.  That'll be me someday, so I'll let you know.

*I realized after I posted this that said I "made out" with a mini box of Milk Duds... and that made me giggle.  You know what I meant.  I made off.  Whatev.  Details.

thrilled to death.

I am excited... for this candy to go, for Husband to be home, to see my kids all dressed up, to hand candy out to trick-or-treaters...

...and to put away this Halloween stuff so I can get decked out for Christmas!!!

Too soon?
Never, I say.

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wear. turtlenecks and owls.

Isn't my owl scarf fabulous???  It's from my mom.  She just gets me.
{P}leather, turtlenecks, and a scarf - pretty intense for a 65 degree day, but that's how I roll.  It keeps me calm.  The only reason it keeps me calm is because if I do get the slightest bit stressed, I'll have to fight my way out of all of these layers like there's a bee in my bonnet.  Stress + 39 1/2 = hot flash waiting to happen.

TMI?  You're visiting the wrong blog.  :P

Style Elixir

pleated poppy


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This carving almost didn't happen because our first batch of pumpkins got smashed into the streets by hoodlums.  I was mad about that.  But I sucked it up, drove the kids to the grocery store and we picked from what was left of the dwindling bunch.  I think we did pretty good!  And I promised we could toss our own pumpkins from the balcony, after Halloween, and do our own pumpkin-smashing {because it sounds fun, doesn't it?}.

The costumes have been purchased, the decor is up and ready to go, the candy has been opened {and nibbled on}, and plans are made.  We are ready for Halloween!!!  If only we could do something about the 50% chance of rain in the forecast.  The rain cannot stop those little trick-or-treaters!  We need to unload this candy quick.

Yes, I do realize that my kids are going to be bringing in even more candy, but first things first.  

wear and an awkward grin.

Sometimes I feel like I'm smiling the biggest most cheesiest grin ever when I'm looking at the darn camera.  And then I see the photo and my smile looks, well, not as excitable as I imagined.  I kinda look like a b-word.  Perhaps I'm just not good at hiding the awkwardness that is self-timed outfit photography, which makes me wonder what else I am not good at hiding.  Do I wear my emotions on my sleeve?  Can people tell when I am faking niceties?  When I smile, do my lips not curve up?  Oh my cray, I'm Wallace and Gromit.

I promise I'm happy - like truly happy - to share my outfit posts with you.
Even if it's weird.
And I can't hide it.

Style Elixir

pleated poppy


Sunday, October 27, 2013

p-inspiration: ikea restyled.

Ohhh, I'm just looking for something to do to add some oomph to a few of our pieces of IKEA furniture.  I've tampered with the idea of adding wallpaper to the back of our bookcases, so we shall see if that ever comes to fruition.  It definitely looks cool.  One super easy project I AM MOST DEFINITELY going to do is glue brass corners onto my IKEA coffee tables {photo'd above}.  That's my kind of project - no talent necessary + glue.  

Another secret to personalizing IKEA pieces is to add overlays.  Genius.  



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