Thursday, October 31, 2013

a rainy pittsburgh halloween.

Well, that wraps up our 2nd Pittsburgh Halloween.  The rain rolled in just in time for trick-or-treating, but the kids were unstoppable.  With Jackson off with his friends and McKenna out with hers and Elyssa over at a friend's house, Husband and I were on our own - lazing around in a nice quiet house and taking turns getting up whenever the doorbell chimed.  When the kids returned, there was the traditional dumping of the candy onto the living room floor and some major negotiations and trades being made.  I made out with a mini box of Milk Duds, some Swedish Fish, and a big Hershey's with Almonds, just because they love me.  :)

We are sleepy.  The sugar rush has worn off and our eyelids are heavy.  We just have to make it through one more day of school and it's the weekend!!!  Teachers have got to be thrilled at the prospect of a classroom full of students on a Friday after Halloween.  Just thrilled.  That'll be me someday, so I'll let you know.

*I realized after I posted this that said I "made out" with a mini box of Milk Duds... and that made me giggle.  You know what I meant.  I made off.  Whatev.  Details.

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  1. I ate WAY to much candy myself, I am half asleep, and barley able to focus.
    Being an adult can be just as fun too I guess!

    Glad the weather slightly cooperated!


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