Thursday, October 10, 2013

all things in moderation. even shopping i guess.

It happens every Fall, like clockwork.  I'm sure if I searched back through this blog I'd find that last October or November I sounded the trumpets and announced that I needed a break from spending money on clothing for myself.  Maybe it's just become sort of a subconscious tradition {one that Husband will no doubt support with all of his heart}, this sudden need to put my garb-purchasing on hold.  The holidays are nearing.  The kids need winter clothes.  I'm feeling selfish.  And guilty. My mind just wants a break from the self-induced guilt of buying myself crap {cute crap none-the-less).  Shopping sometimes becomes this only-thing-to-do-around-here and I want to be more creative than that.  When I'm taking a breather from school work, I want to find ways to fill my time that don't always cost a bunch of dollar bills {yo}.
I'm done shopping for myself until December. D.O.N.E. I'd say until Christmas, but I attempted that once and it was just too much, having to skip over those terrific holiday sales.  This is called moderation, not torture.  This is already going to be tough enough.  Except it's also going to feel really, really good and empowering and all that too.  A recharge.

I think when one quits something like clothes-shopping, one ought to have a plan for what to do with one's time so one doesn't find oneself at J. Crew Factory Outlet.  Here are my ideas...

>> The gym.  Goodbye new clothes, hello new butt.
>> Preparing good dinners.  Like with real recipes and stuff.
>> School work.  It never ends.
>> Housework.  I could always be better at this.
>> Lunch dates with Husband.  Not a money saver, but so worth it!
>> Sewing & making stuff.  My sewing machine misses me.
>> The library.  Free and quiet.
>> Yard work.  Free exercise.
>> Photography.  It's my hobby, why not have fun with it.

Do you ever have to put yourself through these shopping detoxes?  Or do you have this moderation thing down?  I can see it easily happening to anyone, no matter where they're shopping or how much their spending.  It's easy to spend too much even at thrift stores and thrift shopping adds a certain justification because you're being frugal.  Spending is spending, whether 5 bucks or fifty.  I'm just ready for a break.  :)

Wish me luck!


  1. I need a non-shopping hobby list. If I went to the gym even half as much as I went to the mall I would be skinny as a stick.

    I think this needs to be reevaluated

  2. Stop shopping for clothes and start shopping for yarn......said me, every holiday....

  3. you can do this girl!! if you want to take it another level and sell your unwanted clothes on IG or your blog, I would love that! you have good taste mama!!


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